Guided tour of the chateau of Bourg Saint-Léonard

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Du 28 Juin au 31 Juillet

Guided tour of the chateau of Bourg Saint-Léonard


Tarif : 5.00 €
Tarif réduit : 4.00 €
Tarif enfant : 3.00 €


De 10:30 à 12:30 et De 14:30 à 17:30
Durée : 1h
Lieu : Château du bourg saint Leonard


Nombre de places : Illimitées

Activité à faire :
En couple, En famille, En groupe, Entre amis, Seul,

A guided tour of the château of Bourg Saint Léonard




The château of the Bourg Saint-Léonard and its beautiful garden in the english landscape fashion is surrounded by a 400-hectare forest. Its neoclassical architecture fits in elegantly to this magnificent green setting.



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Living in a château in the 18th century: luxury and voluptuousness

The Cromot family led a busy social life in the château of the Bourg Saint-Léonard. Among the many receptions held there, they organized a celebration in honour of Marie-Antoinette and they welcomed the poet Florian. The guided tour will take you to the rooms destined to receive fine society, the dining room, the living rooms, and you will also see furniture that lends itself to conversation.


The Age of Enlightenment

Baron Jules-David de Cromot built this chateau in the 18th century. It is a typical example of a domain owned by a courtier in the countryside, its architecture and furniture being a perfect example of the architectural trend of the Age of Enlightenment.

Beauty and comfort of Louis XV and Louis XVI furniture

Have a chat in the queen's chairs, put your bottles in the cooler, play tric-trac, sleep in the "bergères"... You will be introduced to the fancy furniture necessary to the chateau-life.


In 2019, guided tours are available: 

-every week-end and public holidays in May and June from 10:30 AM to 12:30 and from 14:30 PM to 17:30 PM. Please arrive one hour before closing time.

-every day from July 1st to September 22nd from 10:30 AM to 12:30 and from 14:30 PM to 17:30 PM. Please arrive one hour before closing time.

Walk right up to the castle for the ticket office. 


Photo credits: Christian Besnouin

Visits possible all year round by reservation for groups of 20 or more. 




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Fees for 2019



  • Adults: 5 €
  • Students: 4 €
  • Child under 10 : 3 €


Groups (20 and more) :

  • Adults: 4 €
  • Students: 3 €
  • Child: 2,50 €

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