A Percheron ride at the Haras du Pin

Du 28 Juin au 30 Septembre

A Percheron ride at the Haras du Pin


Tarif : 8.00 €
Tarif réduit : 8.00 €
Tarif enfant : 8.00 €


De 16:00 à 17:30
Durée : 1h30
Lieu : Haras national du Pin 61310 Le Pin au Haras


Nombre de places : Illimitées

Activité à faire :
En couple, En famille, En groupe, Entre amis, Seul,

Beginners and experienced riders are welcome to try out one of our beautiful Percherons.

The activity will take place after each equestrian show, supervised by an agent of the National stud. You will walk in the Manège d'Aure, the indoor riding arena where the shows take place.

Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

Helmet lended. For safety reasons, please bring pants and closed shoes. 

For people aged 14 and over. Children under 14 can ride shetland ponies during an activity dedicated to them. 

Every day of the show (in red on the timetable below).

This activity does not take place after the Jeudis du Pin.

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baptême percheron Echo château Haras du Pin

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