We love to welcome families here at the Haras national du Pin, and have several activities which can be adapted for children of different ages.

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Become "A Groom for a Morning" by clicking on this link.

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- NEW!
Join Plume the miniature horse and come celebrate your birthday at the Haras!

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We offer several services options for your party:

- a guided tour of the Haras especially for children

- the pony grooming workshop

- the feeding / 5 senses workshop

- an agility course with the pony called Plume.

A total of 3 hours of entertainment including your choice of 2 of the above options and a birthday tea served in a private room.

Price: 15€ per child aged 5 to 12.

We grant free admission to the adult who accompanies and supervises the children.

Number of children: from 6 to a maximum of 12 children.

We invite you to suggest 2 or 3 dates and contact us to check availability.

Booster steps are available during the tour so that children can see the horses in their boxes.

Our museum has an area dedicated to children.

During the visit, you can complete the children's games booklet as a family, which is an opportunity to share your new knowledge together.

A changing table for babies is available in the Haras reception / shop.

Our museums also has rooms dedicated to children.
During the visit, you can fill out the children’s game booklet with the whole family. It will be
the perfect opportunity to share your knew knowledge together.
A changing table is available in the Reception hall of the Haras.

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Haras National du Pin
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