The history of the Pin National Stud

The Pin national Stud, jewel of Norman heritage


History and architecture

Copyright GRAHAL (text prepared for the Discovery Trail in Stable no. 1, dedicated to the museographic zone and open since April 2006). Photographs: "Louis XIV on horseback", Houasse, RMN-DR; "Robert de Cotte", Rigaud, RMN G.Blot/H.Lewandoski; "Charles-Louis de Lorraine, Prince de Lambesc", Cars, RMN-F.Raux; architectural plans for the King’s first stud, Robert de Cotte, National Archives, HN-G.Vilquin; wrought-iron entrance gate, HN-DR.

The history of the Pin National Stud in image

Discover our gallery of old postcards from the collection of Tanneguy de Ste Marie (copyright: coll.T.deSte-Marie)

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