The Haras du Pin estate

The Estate hoists various occupants, partners and tenants over more than 1,100 hectares (around 2,500 acres).  Their objective is to develop all activities related to the horse - there are training centres at both La Jumenterie and at the Haras school which offer a wide range of courses in equine trades, such as saddlery and driving. La Jumenterie is the farm where mmares were kept before being covered by the Haras stallions - nowadays it offers various training courses in equine reproduction.. It hosts the National Equine Semen Conservation Centre: it is a cryobank, which safeguards frozen semen from many different breeds. The Haras school and La Jumenterie are managed by the French Institute of Horse Riding (IFCE).

Many equestian sporting events take place in the Haut-Bois park and there are regular race meetings at the La Bergerie racecourse., which are both part of the estate.

The National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) is also present on the estate - the Borculo station has developed research on bovine genetics on a plot of 550 hectares. There are also 250 hectares of forest allocated to the National Forestry Office (ONF).

The Haras national du Pin also works in collaboration with artists in residence - they are accomodated and their horses stabled in the hoistoric heart of the Haras. The artists participate by creating and performing in the shows that take place at the Haras, along with agents Cerise, Cléa, Gilles and Loic.

The Haras currently has Gilliane Senn and her 8 horses in residence. She is an equestrian artiste who presents her horses in liberty, dressage, riding side-saddle, and Hungarian post. She has worked all over Europe, including at the Haras of Hennebont, Tarbes, Pompadour, at the Equestria Festival, and has toured Switzerland and Germany.

The second artiste in residence, Alexia Costanzo, is a multidisciplinary, who puts the well-being of the horse and shared trust at the centre of her work and her relationship with horses. She presents a wide variety of elegant acts, such as high school dressage, work in liberty, and Cossack vaulting,  where she passes under the belly of her cantering horse.

The Haras national du Pin is home to Centre for the Promotion of the Percheron breed, and this centre works closely with the National Percheron Society (SHP) which is in charge of the promotion and enhancement of Percherons along with the Natural Park of the Perche region, the department of the Orne and the IFCE. These institutions work together to develop new markets for the breed and to ensure that breeders are helped to produce horses suited to their new markets - for example by gelding horses which can then work in towns or vinyards. The grooms of the Haras national du Pin train young horses which are entrusted to the Haras by their breeders in order to advance their education.. The association ensures communication, promotion and organisation of sales as well as meetings between buyers and breeders.

Finally, the Haras national du Pin is the headquarters of various breeding associations such as ADEP or ANCCO and also for the organisation of competitions.

More than 100 people work on the 1112 hectares of the Domaine of the Haras national du Pin and, depending on the time of year, there are around 200 horses on the land.

The Public Administrative Establishment and its missions

Since January 1, 2016, the Haras national du Pin has been a Public Administrative Establishment whose Board of Directors includes representatives of the State, the Normandy Region and the Department of the Orne.

Its missions are as follows:

- the preservation and enhancement of the estate

- the creation of a national and international pole dedicated to the practice of equestrian sport;

- the promotion of the equine sector and its activities internationally;

- the development of tourism and culture.

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