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The 21st Century paves the way for a new-style State-run National Stud institution, having the aim of promoting the equine field, via:

- local technical centres offering near-at-hand services to breeders and users of the horse,
- main equine centres providing expertise for organising horse-related projects,
- a regional delegate, the main orchestrator of National Stud assignments at regional level,
- services at national level in charge of research, training and analysis.

At Le Pin centre, four National Stud objectives are to be pursued

- At the service of the breeder: collecting semen from the National Stud stallions for covering breeder’s mares (the majority via artificial insemination), identifying foals prior to weaning and giving advice to all horse owners.

- Internal training of National Stud staff and external courses for the professionals of the horse world: carriage driving, horse riding, saddle-making and horse-shoeing, not forgetting the vast field of equine reproduction, all at Le Pin National Stud.

- Developing the opening of the Stud to the public via tourism and equestrian events.

- Proposing advice and expertise to the benefit of Government departments, of local authorities and of equine-related entities.

Such being the case, the site of Le Pin accounts for almost one hundred National Stud staff members working in the various departments:

thirty are assigned to the breed department, thirty more to training, a few others are employed full-time, whilst around twenty are in charge of maintenance and logistics for the whole estate. A few additional persons work at Le Pin National Stud, including the National Director of Equine Research monitored by the National Stud institution. The site of Le Pin also hosts a branch of INRA, the National Institute for Agricultural Research, which employs around thirty persons. Last, but not least, the tourist association, Haras du Pin Tourisme, operates directly on site.

In total, the site of Le Pin houses more than 230 horses, a quarter of which are stallions. Following the development of modern techniques in terms of breeding and transportation, individual doses of semen can be transferred from one point to another, enabling all breeds, racehorses excepted, to sire via artificial insemination as oppose to the traditional natural mating. Approximately 700 broodmares come to Le Pin National Stud to be inseminated or mated, while another 300 mares are directly inseminated on the farms of the Orne county by officers from Le Pin (i.e. for heavy horses and local group management). Finally, Normandy being a renowned breeding ground, almost 15,000 foals are born here each year, all of which have to be identified!

Le Pin National Stud being established in the main horse-breeding region of France, Normandy is the proud rearing ground for 40% of all French racehorses (English Thoroughbred and French Trotter combined) and 30% of all French sport horses (the French Saddle Horse, Selle Français, in particular).

Le Pin National Stud is no longer simply a guided tour, the “Pin Thursdays” or specialist visits, it is also a new discovery circuit, set in the 21st century, for encountering AN ENTERPRISE DEDICATED TO THE HORSE!

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