Etudes supérieures

Superior studies

The Haras national du Pin is open all year to groups on reservation.

You are considered as a group with 20 paying students or more. 
The supervisor of a school trip gets a free ticket.

Discover what we have to offer:

- A guided tour of the Haras

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Take a walk around the 18 th century buildings of the national stud with a guide. Visit the stables where numerous horses of various breeds are housed, the “sellerie d’honneur”, our prestigious tack room, and the collection of horse-drawn carriages.

Duration: 1 hour.
Fees : 5€ per student.

- A self-guided tour of the Museum in stables n°1

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Set in 18th century stables, this colourful and modern museum will take you on a ride through the world of horses. Discover the Pin national stud through archives (films and interviews) and interactive booths and virtual reality headsets. The museum will appeal to both amateurs and professionals. You will learn about breeds, reproduction, traditional trades (saddler, blacksmith, etc.) and more.

Autonomous visits all year round. Guided tour available on reservation.
Fees: 5€ per student.

- Equestrian show in the Manège d’Aure.

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The Equestrian Artists and Haras grooms present various equestrian shows which will reveal the beauty and power of horses. The shows take place at 3 PM every week-end from April to September. The Manège d’Aure is a heated indoor arena with 345 seats.

Fees: 7€ per student.

- A backstage tour:

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The artists invite you on a backstage tour to discover their work. They will explain what makes a good show horse, their training methods and their special relationship with their faithful partner.

All year round on reservation.
Fees: 6€ per student.

- The “Jeudis du Pin”:

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The “Jeudis du Pin” is a traditional show which takes place every Thursday afternoon from June to September. It starts with a presentation, with music, of different horse breeds. Artistes and Grooms unite for a majestic musical ride and various performances (trick riding, work in liberty, a tug-of-war with a Percheron, jumping over fire and more). At the end of the show, horse-drawn vehicules will parade in the Cour d’Honneur.

In 2019, presentations take place every Thursday from June 6 th to September 12 th at 3 PM.
We advise you to come at 2.30 PM to take your place in the tribunes. The show takes place in the
shaded outdoor arena.

Guided tours start again around 4.30 PM.
Fees: 7€ per student.

- The château of the Haras du Pin:

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The château used to be the official residence of the directors of the Haras du Pin. Trophies, 17 th century tapestries and animal paintings are on display in the various room of the château.

Guided tours all year round on reservation.
Fees: 3€ per student.

For château lovers, the château of the Bourg Saint-Léonard is only 2 miles from the Haras du Pin. With its wonderful 18 th century style, it is a real architectural treasure.

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Guided tours all year round on reservation.

Equestrian trades

- A visit to the saddler's workshop

Presentation of the traditional trade of the saddler (how a saddle or a horse
collar are made) and his tools such as the half-moon knife.
Guided tours are available all year round on reservation.
Duration: 30 minutes. Limited number of visitors in the workshop.

2,50€ per student.

- A visit to the Blacksmith

A guided tour of the forge with a demonstration of forging or shoeing a horse.
Guided tours all year round on week-ends, on reservation and according to the availability of
the speaker.
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

2,50€ per student.

- A carriage ride around the domain:

Discover the scenery at a horse’s pace: teams of Percherons will take you on a pleasant ride
around the domain.
12 seats in each carriage. Duration: 30 minutes.

2,50€ per student.

- An Equine reproduction workshop:

A demonstration of the collection of semen from a stallion and a presentation of the different breeding techniques in artificial insemination and natural breeding.
Duration: 1 hour. Friday 4.15 PM

5€ per student.


- Visit of the Ecole Supérieure du Cheval et de l'Equitation: 

Presentation of the different equipment and professional trainingcourses with a visit to the facilities. 

Guided tour possible all year round on reservation. 

Duration: 45 min 

Price: 2€50 per student 

- Visit of the Jumenterie: 

Presentation of the facilities and explanations of breeding methods. 

Intervention by an INRA technician is possible on reservation at an extra charge. 

Duration 30 to 45 min 

Price: 2€50 per student 

- The Domaine du Pin: 

The Domain is a unique estate which is shaped by the art of landscapes in the Versailles fashion. It has been used for agriculture since the 18 th century. The Vieux Pin was the original site of settlement of the village Pin-au-Haras. It is built around a roman church. This route comes across numerous bridle paths. It will take you from the Ecole Supérieure du Cheval et de l’Equitation to the experimental farm of the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) which specializes in breeding cattle. You will also pass the Jumenterie, a centre of studies on equine genetics, and the Bergerie racecourse where the first gallop races were held in Normandy in the 19 th century.

Visits possible all year round by prior reservation.

Duration: 1 hour 

Price for a visit to the domain: 3€ per student 

And also:

- Pedagogical space 
available to groups of students for work or relaxation. 

- Specific work, workshop or commentary 
possible on a subject of your choice related to the school program. 

For a reservation, please fill in the contact form. For more information, call us : +33 (0)2 33 36 68 68

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