from 04 June to 16 July


Call for Projects from economic operators as part of the Grand Project for the tourist, economic and cultural development of Le Haras du Pin


Nestled in a bucolic setting where horses reign supreme, the Haras National du Pin estate stretches over more than 1,100 hectares (almost twice the size of Versailles estate), criss-crossed by some wonderful symmetrical lanes.

Originally exclusively dedicated to horse breeding, the Stud has endured the twists and turns of History and is now a tourist site hosting myriad events throughout the year. Its long history is still apparent in its heritage and traditions.


With backing from the State, in late 2020 Normandy Regional Council and Orne Council agreed to launch a vast development project for Haras du Pin.


The development project will aim to diversify the offering available at Haras du Pin, with accommodation and catering (top-of-the-range hotels, nature-centred accommodation, holiday rentals, etc.), a range of activities (nature-focused, active well-being, meditation, equestrian leisure activities, etc.) and the related services.


In order to do so, Haras du Pin would like to create partnerships with tourism & leisure professionals. A phase of dialogue is launched through a call of expression of interest.


Download the file for applying the call.

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